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Periods and Movements
Art is a vast subject. There are so many types of art in the world that it’s difficult to know about every kind of art available. You can study art in order to find out more about art. Then again, many people spend their whole lives studying art, and most of these people never learn everything that there is to learn about art. One way to discern a painting or work of art from another is to learn about periods and movements. Artists who worked during different periods in time produced work that is unlike any other. The Renaissance period, for example, included such great artists as Botticelli and Lippi. Learning about any period will help you identify a work of art just by looking at a painting or sculpture.
You can learn about art by reading books. Your local library is bound to have many fantastic art books that you can read and enjoy. You can also learn about art by reading websites. Many art-based websites contain lots of great information about periods and movements. We enjoy art too, which is why we have gathered and posted details about art on our Periods and Movements Directory. You can begin your search for information about art on our site, and then take the time to read through details listed on various websites. You will soon find that the world of art is vast, and that many kinds of art exist. Experience the world of art by starting your search for information about periods and movements on our site.
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