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Since the dawn of the silver screen, society’s relationship with movies has changed substantially. Cinema has permeated all facets of our lives—from pop culture and politics to literature and history, movies help us connect with generations past and present, faraway lands and drama and comedy unfolding in our own backyard. Not only that, movie culture is expanding in all directions. Celebrities are larger than life, special effects are out of this world and production budgets are becoming nearly as epic as the story arcs. But at the same time, movies are getting smaller, more personal. They literally fit in the palm of our hands—on our smart phones and tablets, streaming over the Internet or synced to our digital media devices. Protagonists range from satirical fictional personas interacting with the real world to bedroom video bloggers pontificating on their mundane lives.
Love ‘em or hate ‘em, movies are a part of the fabric of society. That’s why we’ve dedicated an entire subcategory within our Arts directory strictly to Movies. Our Movies directory has everything you could ever want to know about movies—and that’s a lot. From biographies and tell alls about your favorite actors and actresses to admissions information about the top film schools, we have links, resources and websites for anyone who’s interested in watching movies, studying movies, being in movies or making movies. Whether you dissect movies for academic pursuits or immerse yourself as an escape, our Movies directory is here to bring you the best information that the web has to offer.
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