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The Artistocats is a fun movie filled with feline adventures. Many of the characters in this movie are memorable, but none are quite as memorable as Marie. If you are a fan of Marie from the Aristocats, you will love This website features downloadable Marie games, Marie photos, Marie templates, and everything else that has to do with Marie. Spend your time browsing through the many Marie selections in order to find the one that you have been searching for. For kids and adults alike, the Marie Club is the place for any Marie fan. Get your Marie fix today by visiting the Marie Club blog. more info >>
The James bond Dossier is a website dedicated to the world's most famous secret agent both in Ian Fleming's book and the long running film series. Started in 2002, the site now has hundreds of pages dedicated to 007 covering aspects of that range from book and film reviews to details of places visited by 007, clothing and appearance, food and drinks, cars, weapons and many other aspects of the 007 universe. The site also covers the latest 007 related news and strips out the misinformation published by many media outlets to narrow down stories to the truth, including of the latest James Bond movie and book projects. more info >>
Movie Memes is a blog dedicated to one thing - humour. Our entire premise is to find and post funny images, opinions, articles and analysis relating to popular culture's most loved films. We love movies and love all the little inside jokes that come with a solid and healthy fanbase and this is what we post on our site. We try to post new content every day and focus on topics like Star Wars, Harry Potter and Disney. Occasionally we also get a bit nerdy and post analyses about plots, mistakes and other issues that can crop up, but we like to put a humorous tilt on the content. Come and read and enjoy, we know you'll laugh. more info >>
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