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News and Media breaks the latest movie news, movie trailers, movie photos and movie posters for the most recent films, DVDs, and television shows. The site provides users with access to a rich collection of online resources, including various communications tools, news content, online video, music and exclusive images and articles. The site has a comprehensive movie database list featuring an index of film titles, release dates, conventional 2D, digital 3D film formats. has the latest dvd calendar releases, dvd new releases, bluray releases, blu-ray release dates, dvd movie release dates, dvd movie covers and blu-ray dvds for sale. more info >>
eMangrol, top Bollywood Entertainment portal
eMangrol, promoted by best Indian journalists provides the best Bollywood news and views to its readers. We are into the entertainment business for more than two decades now and we know what you all want to read! eMangrol also provides best content of Hindi films, Indian television, Indian theatre. Enjoy your Bollywood stars, Hindi songs, trailers, movies everything on eMangrol. eMangrol is best portal for Bollywood, Indian television and Indian theatre. Please visit eMangrol for everything about Hindi movies, Gujarati plays, Marathi plays, Hindi plays, English plays, Prithvi theatre, Hindi channels, stars and celebrities news, interviews and more. Emangrol is definitely the place to enjoy entertainment to its best. Enjoy Indian filml industry at its best at more info >>
It can be difficult to find where movies can be watched online so we're here to compare the different online stream providers such as Amazon Instant Video and Netflix. We provide search to see where your favorite movie can be watched as well as regular updates on the latest entertainment news. With cable packages continuously rising in price, many of us are moving over to online streaming which can be considerably cheaper whilst also providing users with on demand content so that you can watch what you want when you want it. Don't know which provider to choose though? Stream Sidekick is here for you. more info >>
The Disney Movie Review is the source for fans wanting news on recent Disney, Pixar and Marvel films. We give a complete look at the news of recent movies and how those movies are represented in Disneyland, Disney World, and the many other Disney theme parks around the world. Each week we dive into the news and rumors and tell our listeners which movies are worth your time and money…and which ones are not. We also produce a podcast that wraps up the biggest Disney movie news stories from the week. The mission of The Disney Movie Review is to bring the rumors, news, and recaps of Disney, Pixar and Marvel movies to fans every day. more info >>
The Life in the Hole website is the central hub for the all things related to the upcoming psychological thriller The Hole. Production starts in January 2016 and is expected to be consider 1 of the top 10 thriller movies for 2016. Set against a human trafficking background, 2 rival prostitutes join forces to help a fellow captive, an 11 year-old girl, escape her inevitable future as a child sex-slave. Taking on a tough topic, producers of the film will bring awareness to the evading topic while creating an atmosphere of heart thumping thrills that are found in good thriller movies. Guaranteed to impress audience worldwide, The Hole will be a film that's hard to forget. more info >>
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