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Watching a popular movie is a great way to remain up to date on current movie topics. Sometimes, however, it’s also fun to check out obscure movies that other people you know may not have seen. Not only will you be able to explore different types of films, but you will also find out about some actors and actresses you haven’t heard of before. The best way to find unusual films is to look for independent film companies. Masked Films ( is one company that you should check out. This film company features many different films, lots of interesting ideas, and great new concepts. If you’re looking to explore the world of independent filmmaking, start with Masked Films. more info >>
This website is a dedicated blog for movie music enthusiasts. Here, you can find track listings from official and unofficial soundtracks from your favorite Hollywood, Bollywood, independent, foreign, made-for-TV, children's, musical and other movies. When available, we'll also include links where you can buy the album or individual tracks. For movies where an official soundtrack hasn't been released, we've compiled unofficial DIY movie soundtrack listings so you can recreate the emotion, the power and the experience of watching the film with your own custom mix. Visit our film soundtracks website and share your contribution and enjoy the contributions of others. more info >>
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