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Honey Bunny, a girlfriend of Bugs Bunny
This website is dedicated to a now-forgotten Looney Tunes star, Honey Bunny, who is a girlfriend of Bugs Bunny. She's an 'earlier version' of Lola Bunny, a girl bunny that first appeared in 'Space Jam' in 1996. Created too late to appear in animated shorts along with Bugs Bunny (the Warner Bros. animation unit has been closed in 1964 and Honey Bunny debuted in 1966), Honey Bunny mainly appeared in comics and merchandise, and later in theaters, too. Almost always she was accompanied by Bugs. As it happens in relationships, our lover bunnies' relations varied, sometimes they had arguments, sometimes they were even fighting like enemies - but always after such situations they reconciled with each other and their love and emotions grew up. In 1996, for the aims of 'Space Jam', Honey Bunny has been redesigned and renamed to Lola Bunny. more info >>
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