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Entertainment is a website containing culture, tradition, history and images of various nations in this world. In this site the author also tried to add several festival around the world of different nation. How a nation arrange and make fun in a festive, what they do actually and how that differ from another nations. For example if you looks for birthday culture you will be surprise how it differ with respect to religion, locations and nations. The one most attractive thing is various function and occasions. If you know Chinese and Japanese has fashion in fung fu. You will gonna find interesting thing about this in culture website. Another interesting thing in Chinese Lantern and dragon dance. Both are highly interesting as there history and others. So have a looks on that site. more info >>
Award winning lion dance troupe located in Singapore. Started out with a group of local enthusiast, HeQuan has since been a local brand with regional recognition. The idea behind the inception is to preserve traditional chinese culture within the Singapore community, and has since expanded into Johor with resounding success in the Johor market. HeQuan practices the Hok San style of lion and the Fu Jian style of dragon. Supporters from all over Singapore responded favorably to our performances, and has since sponsored us more than 100 lion puppets and 10 dragon puppets for our Singapore clients. This marks a very important milestone for us as it shows that our professionalism has been recognized by our Singapore clients. In 2009, HeQuan was the 3rd runner up for Loyang Tua Pek Gong dragon dance competition. In 2015, we participated in the Ngee Ann City Competition. Our Malaysia team more info >>
We specialize in creating unique brands within each other that are unrivaled. I just know we all need an outlet. So, without sounding too corny. I want to inspire people to stay creative and give them an outlet to put it on. Eventually, would love to make a zine or magazine with us involved. Want to grow with my peers and stay creative. Customize your page the way you want it to look. It's not about making money. It's about gaining in the sense of creativity and arts. I'll be funding it. So yeah. Let's do it? Yeah? I'm still designing the page but I'm not a designer so it's challenging. BUT I'll work on it so we can get our message across. more info >>
The best information about each and every event that takes place in our country is being available to all of you on my website and too in a detail.Some of the events that I have covered are known to only some of you like I have covered the most celebrated event in North India and that is Lohri, wrestling events, valentine week and many more epic events so that you all can get desired information you all want. Apart from all these things I will also be providing you all with information about digital marketing like how to build back links and many more things and that too at a free cost. more info >>
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