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Gus Posey - Looking Past the Apparent Horizon
This is the third iteration of, a site that has always been dedicated to quality artwork and professional writing. The recent evolution means more features, more functionality, and vastly increased opportunities for collaboration and communication. The site combines remarkable original illustrations and photographs with a wide variety of other pages, including a novel blog and updates about projects in development. Currently, I am living and working in Quito, Ecuador, which provides an additional creative impetus for the work that appears on the site. As continues to develop, I plan to include even more interactive material, and to ensure that it offers interesting and worthwhile content for all visitors. more info >>
Often 3d interior dining designs do not include food models in their scenes. It had become acceptable to not regard it albeit something caused by a resource rarity. Before realizing it was a neglected problem and developing a solution, I didn’t bother with including entrees as part of my dining scenes either. The reason was simply that there weren’t a lot of models of realistic looking prepared to eat entrees to choose from. It has become the norm to see very nicely designed virtual dining scenes with meticulously arranged dining ware without any food. Having more than 15 years of experience in multimedia production, I decided to take on the challenge of creating camera-ready entrée products called 3d cuisines. The techniques and process did not come easy but the final outcome of a successful approach has given way to a growing collection of low poly realistic looking entree models. To demonstrate our products, we created a video animation to showcase them. You can find still images and links to our YouTube videos on our main website. The scope of 3d cuisines is international with 15 food categories that cover just about anything that can be served on a virtual dinner plate. This requires an ongoing commitment on our part to create entrees of all nationalities that we are able to acquire. The only catch is having access to authentically prepared cuisines. Our process of creating realistic looking food models starts with the real thing. The benefit is that we can eat it after completing the first stage of product development. Upon reaching the final stage, the culinary objects looks a lot like the real thing from which we started. Our product design and production process makes 3d cuisines very unique among 3D food models. They are appealing and easily accessible through downloadable purchases on our website. Now the work of interior-dining designers can stand out from others by including something meaningful and unique in interior dining designs. Our virtual entrées are not only eye-catching but also reported by others to make them feel hungry. more info >>
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