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American Literature
Made by Lovecraft - HP Lovecraft stories & quotes
Howard Phillips Lovecraft is known as the father of modern horror fiction - being the first to write in a genre known as 'weird science'. Here you will find a complete list of all HP Lovecraft's works, including those he wrote as a child and his many collaborations. Also a list of the many films inspired by his books from the 1960s to the present day. Of course these stories and films also inspired a multitude of monsters which get labelled as 'Lovecraftian' whether originally dreamed up by Lovecraft or those who copied his style. Here we have an A-Z, from Azathoth to Yog-Sothoth. Lastly we have a selection of Lovecraft's most memorable quotes as well as a short biography of his life. more info >>
Catcher in Rye in audio book an exemplary blending writing and science that moves you in first individual portrayal, and alerts you to be careful about such pitfalls that may come upon you on your life. A really good book and now avaible on the audio version too.In the same way as other different audiobooks, Catcher in the Rye –its different parts (26 in number) are intended to be consistent with all new programs, for example, Chrome and Firefox including Internet Explorer, and workable on Android and Apple devices. Accompanying Mp3 connections, downloading could be fulfilled by the standard right-clicking, downloading and sparing methodologies. As such, click the offer connection, supply the subtle elements in the configuration, search for "The Catcher in Rye" and after that download; and you're currently perusing, nay listening to it as orally pre-recorded boo more info >>
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