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James Hartley, Author
This site shown information and descriptions for books, both published and forthcoming, written by James Hartley. All of these books fall in the Fantasy/Science Fiction/Paranormal categories. His Fantasy novels "The Ghost of Grover's Ridge" and "Magic Is Faster Than Light" are available in most e-book formats from MuseItUp Publishing, and his next two, "Teen Angel" and "Cop With a Wand," will be available in e-book and POD format from MuseItUp during the next year. He has had stories appear in a dozen anthologies including "Desolate Places", "Strange Mysteries 1,2,&3", "Book of Exodi," and "Free Range Fairy Tales" anthologies, and in many e-zines and print magazines. more info >>
This website is a unique list based website consolidating some the internet's most reliable sources. We look at several different sources including, GoodReads, New York Times, Shelfari, The Guardian and Barnes and Noble. Using the lists provided form these reputable sources we build what we believe to be the grand daddy of all best books lists. We provide best book lists by year genre and author. We also use a three category system For Adults, Children or for Young Adults to classify our different list, which range from anything to Dr. Seuss to Best Romance Novels of 2012. We hope you take advantage of our services and we genuinely hope you find your next great read. more info >>
This is the blog of Jack de Nileth, a self-published author who writes fantasy, science-fiction and horror stories. His main project is his World of Mortaevum, a series of novels and books that are all set within the same universe. Most of his stories can be found for free on his blog, but only in the form of first drafts. The revised versions are released on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and co. Some of his books are based on games that he made years ago, with a program called RPG-Maker, which allowed him to create games without knowing any programming languages. more info >>
Best Fantasy Books HQ is the ultimate resource site for fantasy fiction fans looking to find their next favorite book. We combine multiple, large fan polls with input from our team to provide readers and subscribers with the consensus overall best books to read. Key references include Top Book Lists by genre, bestselling properties, and HQ’s Favorite reads. Other key information includes the release dates for popular series, reading calendars for the upcoming months, and hot new properties that many fans have not yet seen. As a special section, Best Fantasy Books also includes specific sections on popular books to avoid. more info >>
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