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My blog is about Inspirational Stories and Untold Stuffs. Here you will find inspirational stories which will be realistic and comparable to our life. The idea behind it is to inspire and motivate people. To make them do what they always wanted to do. I want to make them feel capable of doing what they always desire. Also,you will find various post on abstract articles which will help in improving knowledge. Article will be one`s which are very obvious to you but never kneeled down before. Technology will be the next topic on which I will be commenting on my blog. You will surely be kept updated with various Technological Happenings! more info >>
Type It Out is a Writers' Community and online writing site. Registered users, also called authors write on topics of their interest. The form of writing can be anything: from poems and stories to articles and research papers, authors at Type It Out are free to write virtually any form of writing. It is then published online for the community to read and review. The community provide suitable feedback to the author. With the use of state-of-the-art search engine optimization features available at Type It Out, the writer can have his works ranked better in search engines. The advertisement revenue of the site is shared among the members on a pay per view basis. more info >>
Fort Attack quotation blog is a literary blog devoted to quotes, quotations and aphorisms, Here you can find the best quotes divided by argument and by author. For example you can read quotes on America and Americans, quotes about art and artists, quotes about marketing and business and quotations in English about the English speaking world and language. Then you can find and read quotes from different authors, such as Carl William Brown, Francis Bacon, Giordano Bruno, Warren Buffett and his quotes about finance and trading, David Hume, John Maynard Keynes and his thoughts about economics, Bruce Lee and martial arts quotes, George Mikes and his quotations abpout humor arguments and topics, Ray Douglas Bradbury, Sigmund Freud quotes about dreams, Erich Fromm quotes about psychology, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti and Futurism, Henry Louis Mencken, Thomas More, George Bernard Shaw, George Soros and his investments quotes, Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde, Virginia Woolf and a lot of other famous writers, poets, acotrs and journalists. more info >>
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