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The Art Comet is a poetry and literature blog by Anthony Souls. On the blog you will find wonderful content that you can subscribe to through the feed, which is updated periodically and maintained. You will find intelligent and insightful quotes, poetry, commentaries on various topics, philosophical aspects throughout the posts, haiku, and much more. The quotes ranges from exploring life to the inner-working of the human soul. They are created to teach, provide a new perspective on life, and display new insight. Furthermore, the quotes are delightfully crafted with imagination and creativity for you to enjoy. While exploring the blog, you will find philosophical questions and views throughout the numerous posts. They are from the inner-depths of the blog author, and adds to the interesting writing style. Also, you will find commentaries that express opinions to get you thinking deeper about the topics yourself. In conclusion, the Art Comet is a must-have for the literary-minded individual. more info >>
This is a book of poetry in rhyme style, along with other writings depicting my views on life, death, love, family, spiritual and religious beliefs, happy, sad, funny, mad. An unusual, obscure and different way of seeing the human experience and the world we live in. The content of this book is easy to read, yet also written in a way that makes you want to read it over again and again. Intended to inspire, enlighten and stimulate one`s emotions and imagination. This book contains fiction and non-fiction on the creation and meaning of life as we know it. To help others realize that there is a reason and a purpose for their existence. I believe it takes time and an open mind to understand the Universe and our place in it. I hope to have created for you, a thought provoking look into your mind, heart and soul. more info >>
ZZZ: A Poem You Should Read
ZZZ is a modern poem. This poem depicts the hollow, baseless modern times and its inhabitants with lifeless souls. The poem explores our modern existence for nothing. Here everything is lifeless and dull. It is a cactus land where there is no green of true life or love. The modern factual world and civilization has erased mystery and beauty from human lives. This poem "ZZZ" is written in a musical but prosaic style. This poem is divided in several stanzas and the whole poem reflects the above mentioned theme which flows fluidly from stanza to stanza. Read this poem to enjoy the true essence of modern poetry. more info >>
Seshendra Sharma is a towering personality of the contemporary Indian literature. His works have appeared in all modern Indian languages and in English too. His poetry reverberates the quintessential spirit of our millennium. In all his poetic works , we find that he has touched upon intensely Man`s travails and triumphs. Seshendra Sharma Memorial Trust, located in Hyderabad India is involved in the task of promoting Seshendra Sharma`s literature in print as well as on the web. His poetry sings the eternal victory of the mankind and man`s achievments through the ages. His poems are replete with spontaniety and poetic style. Symbols and similies are his natural life blood. more info >>
Long Day, Hot Shower consists entirely of my own original poetry. These are short lyrical poems with a focus on musicality and rhyme. Each of these short poems represents many hour of meticulous labor, and it's my hope that the site conveys and overarching ethic of quality over quantity. Each poem has personal dimensions but I also place accessibility as a very high priority and it is my hope that anyone can read them and it will mean something unique to the individual. It is also my hope that they will be fairly easy to understand, so the reader will not feel the need to ponder them at length. more info >>
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