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Science Fiction
Norton Collection of Classic Scientific Literature
As one of the leading providers of classic literature commentaries/reviews online, Norton Collection of Classic and Scientific Literature keeps a wide array of titles from prominent to obscure authors of different genres and era. To ensure the you will get utmost quality service from Norton Collection of Classic and Scientific Literature, we constantly update our collection to include newer titles and accomodate requested reviews of users whenever we can. And with so many titles on our archives, it is essential for readers to be able to search something they want quickly. You`ll be delighted to know that you can zero in on your target books by giving us the author name, relevant keywords or the title itself -- and wait for the results just in seconds! more info >>
The New Weird is a literary current coined in late 90s. It's a fantasy sub-genre that combines fantastic elements like magic and supernatural with science fiction and steampunk elements. One of its prominent features is that, as opposed to the classic "high fantasy" of Tolkien, it debates socio-economic, political and philosophical matters set in a fantastic world creating powerful allegories. The writers of this current pay much attention in creating plausible and consistent settings. The most important authors are China Mieville, Jeff Vandermeer and Michael Swanwick but also some of the works of Haruki Murakami and Neil Gaiman are considered New Weird fiction. more info >>
PenguinComics Förlag publishes swedish science fiction (svensk scifi). Books/novels about nuclear war (atomkrig), atom winter, fantasy and even comics. Our stories are suspensful and action packed amazing books with tons of thrills! New now: the Swedish 1981 nuclear war contrafactual science fiction story ATOMKRIG 1981 – several books in a series. We also publish photo books and historical items, among them the Falun Copper Mine graphic novel BRORSLOTTEN. During the next few years PenguinComics will publish more science fiction and fantasy pocket books, also for the international community, also in English and German. More comics and comic book magazines will be printed in the next years. more info >>
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