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Agricultural Chemicals
Lotus (Guangzhou) industrial co., ltd is a professional manufacturer of organic products. It is located in Guangdong province, it has a full ability to carry out a service of ecports and imports. We mainly supply seabird guano fertilizer, feather meal FM, ground phosphate rock, raw limestone rocks CaCO3, barite (natural barium sulfate BaSo4), single super phosphate SSP, triple superphosphate TSP, PMS, MAP, zinc sulphate and so on for agriculture eco-friendly fertilizers and animal feed industry. Lotus industrial has been active in the domestic and international markets since our establishment since 2008. Now our company has excellent team and 5 years of experience. We are always working hard to be the most professional eco-organic fertilizer supplier in the world. more info >>
Rotary tillers prepare soil in flower beds, gardens, landscape beds, and turf grass seed and sod beds. A lot of specifically, tillers cut heavily compacted, unworked soils to permit for higher water percolation and air movement to plant root zones. Rotary tiller blades manufacturer are also the tool of selection for incorporating soil amendments and fertilizers to change existing soils. Having simply completed a serious baseball-field renovation project, Brian Erskine Caldwell, a university grounds superintendent in Kentucky, says, "Our tillers helped to drastically cut job time and energy and gave United States glorious soil-preparation results. This created our overall task a lot of value economical." more info >>
This site is designed to spread information about innovative agro-chemicals like non toxic mite controller,Silica based plant growth regulator, unique pest repellent. Most of these chemicals are Eco certified. Besides spreading information the site attempts to solicit enquiries of Distributors. We have an offer to start the Business of selling Innovative Agro Chemical Products that can be Highly Profitable and will give good income every Year. We are looking for the distributors who can sell such Agro-Chemicals. One way is to completely brand the products in your name and sell at your price. Alternatively you can redistribute the products in the unrepresented area. It is a nice business opportunity if you have an experience in agro products marketing. Read, Think Join us and GROW. more info >>
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