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In case you didn’t already know, the business of agriculture and forestry play an extremely vital role not only in our economy, but our lives. It is one of the nation’s largest industries in terms of total employment despite there being fewer farms and farm workers than any other time in our history. It also supplies America, and many other countries, with a wide variety of food products like fruits, vegetables and meats and non-food products such as plants, lumber and fibers. It is highly likely you visit a farm, ranch, dairy, greenhouse, orchard or nursery often and don’t realize the real importance of each. Although a great deal of this work is now mechanized, large numbers of humans are still needed to plant and harvest crops and help execute activities performed other activities like plowing, disking, harrowing, seeding, fertilizing and harvesting. In our directory on agriculture and forestry we’ll cover every way these industries affect business. You will find links to information on crop production, animal production, soil preparation, planting, harvesting and the difference between local and industrial farming. We will also offer up resources that explain the three largest agriculture and forestry occupations – farmers and ranchers; farm, ranch, forest and agricultural managers; farm workers – and tell you what it takes to excel in those positions. You can be sure that our directory on agriculture and forestry will not only give you an understanding of the business behind it but also help you understand its importance to our country, economy and well being.
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