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Equipment and Supplies
Van Diemen's Land Irrigation Pty Ltd
VDL Irrigation offers a complete irrigation solution to farmers and others in the agriculture industry in Tasmania and all Australia. Savings in cost from buying direct from major suppliers, fixed overheads are lowered and a skillful sales manager with more than 20 years of experience in the Tasmanian irrigation industry which allows VDL Irrigation to contend against the major players in the Tasmanian irrigation industry. Providing Tasmania a vast selection of linears, pivots, pump sets, hard hoses, travelling irrigators and generators. Previous irrigation projects in Tasmania which target to better improve the industry of agriculture in Australia are the proof of VDL's quality irrrigation products and services . more info >>
Maralaser is an Italian company that provides agricultural machinery and scrapers with laser leveling control or GPS. Improve your productivity by 40%. Over 30 years of experience, the company has established a brand of theirs. Since the start of the business way back in 1986, the company has been providing several machinery products for the good of farming etc. The main aim of the company is to improve customer productivity in various areas like agriculture, construction, earthmoving, building of roads, sports maintenance, and also gardening. The company is a well known name in the field of providing farm related Laser and GPS Levelers and Scrapers and has been the main supplier of these items in the country more info >>
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