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Music, movies and live performances are more important to the well being of the human emotional state than almost anything else. They give us a chance to sit back, relax and forget about our everyday stresses of work, money and family. This reason alone is why the arts and entertainment business continues to boom and celebrities and their teams continue to reap the benefits. Although overall movie sales have dipped in the last 10 years, the spread of movies online has increased dramatically. Businesses are still in the process of figuring out ways to make money via video downloads and subscription based services. As for music, the traditional Compact Disc (CD) has almost gone the way of the eight tracks, record and tape. Digital downloads through services like iTunes are quick, efficient, higher quality and cheaper due to no print costs. Live performances ranging from music to comedy continue to generate great sales for the businesses that host the shows as people still look to spend their money somewhere fun. In our arts and entertainment directory we will offer up information and resources on the business side of the industry. We will showcase trends, best practices, highest valued performers and companies and much more. When it comes to the business of arts and entertainment the consumer is the most important since they set the market and we want to provide you with links that will make it easy for you to understand your role.
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