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Production Services
Studio 105 Recording is a digital recording studio located in Jacksonville Florida. We specialize in Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Sound Editing, Production, Karaoke Style Recording, Making Music Demos, Voice Over Demos, Songwriter Demos, Duplication And Graphics services. We are a Jacksonville Florida Based Recording Studio and we can get the sound you want. Remember, we are musicians like you. Studio 105 Recording welcomes artists of all styles and levels. Anyone can go out and buy all the newest and latest equipment. But all the bells and whistles can't give you the quality that you need on their own. You need a knowledgeable, creative, and musical set of ears behind the board to use the technology to it's fullest and bring out the best in your music. more info >>
Video Productions London is a professional video and multimedia communications company that produce creative, engaging and inventive content. Our production services range from short films for internal use, training videos and coverage of your events; to subtle viral advertising videos or company profiles for your website. We’ll sit down with you and discuss your aims and what you want the video to achieve. We’ll develop ideas with you and once these are approved we’ll start to plan the shoot to best suit your budget, making sure you squeeze every penny out of us. From a single camera operator filming a book launch to a dedicated crew working on a 15 minute feature about your organisation; with Video Productions London, you’re in safe hands. more info >>
Rick Lewis is not only a very talented performer, and a very funny guy, he has taken the lessons that he has learned from being a live entertainer for over 20 years, along with a deep knowledge of the Corporate entertainer field, and become a true-entertainer/communicator in the field of busiens to business communication.He is a dextrous juggler, either standing, sitting, or even on a six foot high unicycle. As a character entertainer he has, for many years, been 'The Worst Waier In The Room', posing as a comic venue worker at corporate events, involving slapstick comedy, as well as juggling. What a perfect way to start your event - the floor show is - literally - on the floor!For the years he has spent analyzing the corporate sense of humour, Rick also offers motivational speeches on the subjects of communication, fun at work, client relations, and how to properly use research. More than an entertainer, Rick can re-launch your workforce's interest in their daily tasks. more info >>
Leadership is the foundation on which countries are constructed, how to run our businesses and how our game is played . You need this essay will briefly check the various definitions of leadership styles and effective leadership to achieve a specific goal. Leadership is also the ability to see things others can`t. The visions of leaders always have and always will shape the world. Christopher Columbus had a vision of another world and even though many doubted him and criticized him he was still a leader. He led all of us to a wonderful abyss of freedom we call America. The land of amazing opportunity found nowhere else in this lonely world in this lonely universe. The role of leadership is vital for managers and supervisors in the business world . It is equally important for success in training or education and parenting has now been conclusively shown to be an effective way to change an adult . more info >>
For over 30 years in Milan and all over Northern Italy, Nuova Seri Cart Srl is present, which deals with visual communication, digital printing on all types of media (vinyl, forex, plexiglass, dibond) and interior decoration.The importance of relying on a company of experienced people is to have a timely response to the request, to have no unexpectedness in the management of the order, ability to resolve the unexpectedly in time, to have the opportunity to know in detail the products that you can use for their projects, new technologies that are in keeping with the times, and bargaining flexibility in bargaining. Finally, Nuova Seri Cart Srl deals with digital printing, interior decoration, storefront products, interior decoration events, and reconditioning of exhibitor setter environments in general. In addition, silk-screen printing, prepaid, automotive decoration, thick logos, shop decorations, insignia, assembly service and graphic application even at high altitude. Scenic material, luminous totems, special films and wallpapers for special projects. The importance of good communication also requires a professional, well-cared, visible and understandable visual part. more info >>
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