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Offers news and reviews on all old and new Stihl chain saw models. Do you have a question regarding any of stihl's chainsaw models? You can have your problem or query answered within two working days by our team of chainsaw experts by simply filling in the online contact us form . If you own a Stihl chainsaw you can share your experiences by writing your own review or helping other visitors to our website by answering some of their questions. Are you in the mind for buying a new Stihl chainsaw? Read many of the reviews that we offer to satisfy your needs whether it be the ms 170 chainsaw for occasional use or the ms 880 chainsaw for heavy duty use. Either way we will make you decision more easy. more info >>
Feedback ferret can deal with responses and can be drawn from any channel, whether it be a number rating or text answers, this also why their customers gave the answers they did. Feedback ferret can then analyse the data and provide real time text analytics based on the survey answers to tell the company. This can be a range of number rating or text answers. They can either provide or work with existing survey responses. Feedback ferret is based in marlow located on draymans lane following with the postcode sl7 2ff. They are a reliable company to use to provide accurate customer feedback for you. more info >>
HappyOrNot is an award-winning service provided by SmileyAnswers as their official reseller. We deliver innovative solutions for many different sectors including healthcare, managed services, retail and so on. Our global solutions include HappyOrNot Smiley Terminal, Smiley Touch and Web Smileys. HappyOrNot Smiley Terminal is totally wireless, “just a press of a Smiley” feedback collecting solution gathers creditable and valid data, along with great approachability. HappyOrNot Smiley Touch terminal has a stylish touchscreen feedback-collecting Smileys, which delivers deeper valid insights for any organization. HappyOrNot Web Smileys can measure the user experience of your online services, which is a great complement to our physical devices or a great stand-alone solution. more info >>
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