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The era of the dead tree phone book is long gone. Supplanted by the dynamic immediacy and infinite expansiveness of the web, those massive doorstops with their thousands of tissue paper thin pages are a thing of the past for most households and offices. But there’s one thing that those ungainly, cumbersome phone books had that many web users miss—the handy system of white pages and yellow pages that separated the business listings from the residential listings. The term “yellow pages” is still synonymous with business listings and information, and in spite of the pervasiveness of the Internet, there are still some who prefer the simplicity of an alphabetized listing of businesses organized by the services they offer. Furthermore, their very inclusion in the yellow pages is viewed as a seal of accountability and reputability.
For all of the benefits of a physical phonebook, they just don’t seem to make sense in today’s world. From their ecological impact to their gaping lead times for including new businesses, most of us prefer to get by without the weight and presence of a phonebook. But just because the phonebook is going extinct doesn’t mean its perks have to die with it. Enter the Business directory.
Our Business directory gives you all the convenience and assurance of a handpicked selection of reputable businesses without the physical burden of a physical phonebook. We regularly update your Business directory, checking for broken links, changes in contact information and reports of abuse, giving you a better, faster and more reliable way to find all types of business on the Internet. From nationwide businesses to local shops, professionals and outlets, you can find it all right here in our Business directories.
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