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This is a niche/local directory of fast food menus, created especially for the residents of Heanor, Derbyshire, United Kingdom. Menus are collected from each fast food takeaway business in Heanor and uploaded to the site in high quality high resolution. A visual profile has been created for each individual takeaway business and social media networks are integrated to keep customers up to date. No longer worry about finding a menu - simply click on to the website and navigate to your chose takeaway profile. Download and print if you prefer. Business details and phone numbers also provided, and online ordering is available. more info >>
Listfresh connects buyers and sellers in the produce industry to together. Making it easier for smaller stores to compete with the bigger stores. Listfresh is looking to connect all the chains in the supply chain together. From the farmers to the big box stores , we want everyone to be able to communicate easier. The produce industry is an old school industry not much has changed in a very long time, we are looking to change that. There haven't been many new innovation in the industry , we are looking to change that. A change is coming, the old boys club is slowly retiring and a new group of young people are looking to take their place, we hope we are some of those young people. Listfresh is looking to change how the product industry operate, we are also looking to make it easier for everyone to do their job. more info >>
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