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Wiring and Accessories
Are you in need of a particular power supply? Finding the right power supply for any project can be tough. You can spend hours looking for the right item online or in stores, but this is often fruitless. The best option is to visit our website in order to find the right power supply for your project. We carry all kinds of power supplies, and searching for any supply on our website is as simple as using our handy search box. If you need any kind of power supply, don’t waste any more time. Instead, visit our website today. more info >>
Shen Tai Electric Industry Co., Ltd was established in 1980, for the last 30 years we have been manufacturing of low voltage flat & round type flexible control & shield cables which were tested and passed under quality control standards in our well equipped laboratory. We offer thousands of wire and cable products such as multi-conductor control & shield cable, flat elevator cable, flat festoon cable, pendant cable, submersible cable, plus Belden equiv. cables…etc. Shen Tai is the pioneer manufacturer of flat-type travelling cable in Taiwan and the first one to obtain UL certificate for Flat-type travelling cable used to control and supply power to large handling machines such as elevators, cranes. Our range of flat elevator cables are made with high flexible quality of PVC material and standard specification of our flat elevator cables are ready to be deliver any time at a competitive prices. (We are also capable of manufacturing flat compound elevator cables with CCTV(coaxial cable), power cable (3*1.5 mm2. digital telephone cable) which is often used in elevators). We have successfully passed the ISO9001 Certification, the CE Certification, the German VDE Certification, The UL and CSA certification & China CCC..etc, and we have sold our UL & H05VVH6-F Flat Flexible cables for elevators to the most technologically advanced countries like US, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, Greece, Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, Finland, New Zealand, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Egypt , Singapore, South Korea, Japan…etc, we are well prepared to develop & expand our business to the global market . more info >>
We are a Sacramento electrician company that is unique and stands out above the rest. Every single one of our electricians were born and raised right here in the heart of sacrament. We believe strongly in community ties and building and maintaining our business the same way that we build and maintain our personal relationships and family life, one step at a time, one act of good faith at a time, we believe that by providing excellent electrical work we do not have to do much advertising or promoting of ourselves. Our work speaks so loudly that we don't have to say anything. Some people might consider what I'm saying here to be a bit cocky, in fact it is not, it is because of a love for my community, my fellow sac members and my profession that I say this. Give a chance to handle your next electrical project and we'll be your electricians for life, I guarantee it. more info >>
King Com Cable Networking Inc. is Minnesota's top ranked data cabling installation company. We service Schools, counties, cities, new construction and the state of Minnesota. We are also subcontractors for many cabling jobs. We can make your cellular signal inside your building as good as it is outside with our new Force 5 cellphone signal boosters. There is no job too big for King Com Cable, or too small. If you have a need for data cabling, or fiber splicing please give us a call for a free quote. We do up grades on you voice and data cabling also. more info >>
Miller Electric, founded in 1912, has been powering Omaha, NE for over 100 years. Covering electrical wiring for commercial business, data centers, education, healthcare and many other sectors, Miller Electric has been a leader in the design and implementation of electrical wiring. Known for their hard working professionals, they have placed customer satisfaction at the top of their list of goals. As they note on their website, what sets them apart from other companies is their strength and their edge is the people that work for them. This is evident by the large scale projects that they have taken on such as hospitals, data centers and large businesses. more info >>
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