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Cash Flow
This web site is a sharing service using a list of names as the base and replacing the bottom name with the current user. All the names move up the list, are given one dollar and mailed. Then the list is placed on news groups or ad sites for more people using the same procedure all over again. This web site is the starting point and the users can use it to comment about their progress or use the reference page on ideas how put their ads on news groups and classified ads. There are different tabs to choose from: guest, the different steps, and other contact pages. more info >>
Cost Recovery Consultants
Lower Workers Compensation Costs or possibly Receive Cash Back! Zero out of pocket Costs to you. (Must have at least 4 employees to qualify.) How about lowering your Merchant Account Fees? Or receiving cash back? Keep your current providers; we do not change your services. Our CPA`s work on a contingency basis, so you never pay a cent until we get you money back or your fees lowered. 70% of businesses are being overcharged on their Merchant Accounts or their workers` Compensation Insurance. Call Susie, your local Representative for more information: 206-426-1695 Or visit our website. With over 20 years’ experience in Workers` Compensation and Merchant Account Audits we can easily tell you if you are one of the 70% being overcharged. more info >>
We have found that there is another way to earn some extra cash and to have your free time, may be you can even earn enough to leave your job and to become a free man. The other way is not only easier than you think and even free, I’m talking about – auto trading. Most of you have heard about auto trading, but obviously not enough to make the right decision. It`s not your fault, the real reason to know so little about auto trading is because rich and smarter people want this. They are keeping this secret away from you, because they don`t want to be like them and to live like them, they want you to be like most of the people in the world. But today we will reveal all the information about auto trading and we are going to give you the chance to choose what live to life. more info >>
Ample Mart
Fix or build credit for your financial freedom! It's time to be the person you've always wanted to become! Full relief from credit card companies and stress at work and home. Build credit to become appoved on loans, mortages and many other things! Click here for more details! From trial and error, we have established the best ideas to go about building credit and rebuilding credit. Learn from our experiences and our mistakes, don't make your own. But if you already have made mistakes in the past, then that's alright, because people make mistakes and we are an entitiy to establish and reestablish credit! more info >> sources and negotiates financing for businesses of all shapes and sizes. This service was founded for business people by business people in 2010. We match entrepreneurs with business minded lenders. Finding the perfect financing for your business (and getting approved) is no easy task, has assisted many businesses in this capacity. Since we are entrepreneurs ourselves, not bankers, we understand the importance of finding business minded lenders that will help you foster and grow your business. - It's where businesses go when the bank says no! And the best part is that our service is free for borrowers. more info >>
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