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Employee misconduct is a problem every employer must face from time to time. Diversified Risk Management assists human resources departments and corporate attorneys in preventing and investigating these problems. Some of our areas of focus include workers compensation fraud, employee theft, and white collar crimes such as embezzlement and fraud. We also investigate sexual harassment accusations, workplace violence incidents, employee accidents, and more. Additionally we offer complete computer forensics investigation services. Companies often hire us to perform due diligence investigations of potential business partners. We are licensed investigators. A benefit of using a licensed independent investigator working with an attorney is that the work provided is covered by the attorney work product doctrine in case the investigation should ever lead to a court case. more info >>
At Elite Private Investigation, we go the extra mile to ensure that you get the answers you so desperately need. With modern techniques and industry leading standards, acquirement of information is a breeze, and it's done more discreetly than you can imagine. From infidelity cases to civil investigations, we do it all. Our business began with a simple goal: to provide the citizens of the Arizona Valley with excellent service when they need information found fast. We've encountered nearly every situation imaginable, and as a result, our confidence in our ability to provide solutions has grown tremendously. Whether it be a cheating spouse, the search for a missing person, or criminal investigation, we have the tools to handle the job correctly. more info >>
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