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Natural Resources & Mining Private Equity
Mellion Capital is a specialised boutique investment house, investing in natural resources and mining sectors of Africa, CIS, MENA & South America. The company predominately invests in assets with a potential at an early stage including base metals and precious metal assets including iron ore, copper ore, lead ore, zinc ore, gold and silver. Mellion Capital’s private equity fund is focused on asset identification, acquisition & development, by working closely with the management team, helping to increase the value of the companies by using the latest investment techniques and principles making efficient sector specific investment decisions under all market conditions in order to provide a first class asset and fund management service within the markets where the company operates in. more info >>
Hedge Fund Investing
Hedge fund information taken to the next level: Beginner tips, how to invest, where and when. Join us for ultimate profit experience! Learn what hedge funds are about, for example, where do they differ from mutual funds, learn how to find the right place to invest your money on hedge funds, why can they generate profit for you even when the market is low, what are the risks and benefits of investing in this kind of business. Learn more about people who are sucessfully investing and understand the nature of this investment by learning from people who've been investing for some time now. more info >>
Buy affordable shares in a bitcoin miner and see your bitcoin wallet grow! Choose from one of our options, whether you want a low risk investment or a high income investment. Enter the world of bitcoin mining today! Start seeing profit as early as the second month after you invest, and after your initial investment, you are not obligated to pay anything more, we will do all the rest of the work for you. We can even help you with creating a bitcoin wallet if you don't know how. This website is suited for all people, whether you are an expert on bitcoin, or have never heard of it before, Ultibit will cater to you. more info >>
Hedge Fund | Excess Returns | Wealthier Partners -
Oracle Fund is a global macro hedge fund that invests based on fundamental and technical analysis as well as global macro. The Oracle Fund, (Oracle of Investing Fund LP) is managed by Wharton Global Capital, whose investment manager is Javier Gonzalez, PhD. The fund is multi-strategy and multi-asset. It invests, among others, in equities, bonds, currencies, commodities, and derivatives. It employs long-short, global macro, and quantitative strategies. It basically invests in the best opportunities available that have been detected by our systems or in a discretionary way. The fund derives its strategies from the investment styles of Warren Buffett, Jim Rogers, George Soros, Jesse Livermore, and Ed Seykota. more info >>
Find the Finest and Decade experienced Malta fund, hedge fund set up and management services providing consultants in London, with accomplished Hedge Fund Lawyers at Hedge Fund Hotel, UK. Hedge fund attorneys are the most experienced professionals who are directly opted in handling investments in a way to hedge funds by solving compliance issues, regulations and other issues. We are basically providing services from London and covering our hedge fund services all over United Kingdom. The company directors have always been working actively and involved in arranging and marketing all the hedge fund and Malta fund set up services of clients with bespoke advice. more info >>
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