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Businesses—whether they are organized as a corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship—are, in the eyes of the law, individuals just like you, your neighbor or your great aunt. And like individuals, businesses have a certain set of responsibilities, liabilities, privileges and rights. Businesses must obey laws, file taxes, answer to court summons and remain accountable for their actions. Likewise, businesses have the right to own property, claim ownership of intellectual property and compete fairly in the marketplace, just like any man or woman in society does.
Because the affairs of a business are far more complex than that of an individual, there are infinitely more legal issues to consider. From the day-to-day, such as incorporation structure, tax filing status and compliance with labor laws to the extenuating circumstances, such as liability for damage caused by products or business practices, copyright suits and fraud cases, businesses can benefit by retaining an attorney or a legal firm year round. Legal services for businesses can help foresee and prevent conflicts with local, state and federal laws by building internal risk controls, incorporating fraud detections systems and drafting watertight contracts that protect the interests of all parties in clear and unambiguous terms.
While the legal side of operating and owning a business may not be as glamorous as the core activities that sustain it, remaining in good standing with legal authorities and conducting business in a way that does not expose the company to civil litigation is instrumental to ensuring a successful enterprise. Our Legal Services directory is designed to give you all the tools, resources and articles you need in order to keep your business protected and in accordance with all applicable regulations and codes.
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