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Intellectual Properties
Intellectual Property Law
With the Law Offices of Gold & Rizvi, P.A., we have concentrated our practice completely to securing and preserving the intellectual property rights of our clients including patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, unfair levels of competition, and franchising matters. As recognized specialists in intellectual property law, our attorneys are frequently quoted in national legal journals . Clients of the firm always deal directly with founding partners, Glenn Gold or John Rizvi, on their matters and are assured personal attention, open and direct interaction, and the best quality legal services. It is greater to excel in a single part of the law, we believe, than to be average in numerous different fields. Therefore, we focus on doing only one thing -- protecting new ideas -- and doing it greater than anyone else. more info >>
Patent Invalidity search is performed on a patent (or Subject patent) in order to locate any prior art (patent or Non-patent literature) whose matter reads on the subject patent. Our team of domain-experts does an in-depth search for the Patents and Non-patent literature search across various databases in order to prove the claims of the subject patent as void. We provide claim charts of the found references in order to give the depth of infringement. Novelty Search, also referred to as a Patentability Search, is done before filing a patent application in the patent office so as to check whether features of the inventive step have already been disclosed before in one or more published documents (Patent or Non-patent Literature or both). more info >>
We are a legal process outsourcing firm, we also have a LPO academy where we teach LPO services to Attorneys and lawyers. Some of our services are Legal Transcription, litigation coding. Our firm has attorneys in the top management and in senior positions. We are commited in serving the Legal fraternity WorldWide. We Have a dedicated team of lawyers in our company. Lexqual solutions private limited is one of a kind in LPO Services outsourcing firm in India which is very much keen in serving legal firms and law firms with maximum quality. Our clients are always satisfied with our performances. more info >>
Gancayco Law Offices is one of the top intellectual property law firms in the Philippines. Every attorney in this firm, is reliable when it comes to any laws.Gancayco is one of the best intellectual property law firms in the Philippines. Our company has trusted consultants. Our office is open for consulting concerns. Gancayco has intellectual property lawyers for patent, copyright, trademark infringement & other property damage cases. Every lawyer or attorney serves equally. Gancayco is an association of reliable intellectual property rights lawyers. Every attorney has his or her qualifications on being a certified lawyer. Gancayco is a reliable intellectual property firm that provides good consultation and other services to meet the needs of its clients in the Philippines. more info >>
Kamakshi Law Associates | The Cyber Prosecutors
Kamakshi Law Associates (“KLA”) is India’s top most intellectual property law firm to protect your online identity and Intellectual Property. Sharp combination of technology and legal skills help you to create alerts and take down infringing, illegal or objectionable content anywhere in the world. A major chunk of Internet Law depends on identifying targets over the Internet and using the right means to stop infringements. KLA proudly distinguishes itself in the use of law & technology to assist its global clients. We save immense amount of time, effort and money for our clients by suggesting simple straightforward solutions to problems that may seem complex & insurmountable. more info >>
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