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Human Resources
The Power of Relationships is a true story of two South Africans who broke through the barriers of their backgrounds to form a power and productive relationship. It is told against the backdrop of the African bushveld. Experience Alex van den Heever and Renias Mhlongo`s inspirational presentation of an authentic South African relationship. Alex and Renias have traveled internationally giving their presentations, in countries like America, Australia and England. Renias taught Alex to be fluent in his language, Tsonga. They have also spent much time tracking many of the world`s most charasmatic animals, like grizzly bears, wolves, black bears, jaguars and big black mane lions. more info >>
Entrepreneurs usually struggle with questions like, how good is their idea? They struggle seeking to understand and validate the value of their idea. Some entrepreneurs are so caught up in the details of their business they mistake tactics for strategy. Usually many find the conflict between hyper competition and rising input costs thwarting their growth plans. In all these cases our business coaches have the experience and the processes to work with the entrepreneur to provide him with actionable insights and help him develop plans to meet his business goals and hold him accountable to their achievement. Executives Coaching helps individuals in leadership position to benefit from the non-biased, non-judgemental approach to challenges of managing ever complex organisations and changing aspirations of their employees. Some have successfully used executive coaches as their sounding board for ideas, some have used them to provide feedback in an open trusting environment and others have used coaches to help them overcome fear of speaking, communicating or even fear of failure. Improvement in work-life balance, health and relationships is also effectively facilitated by executive coaches. Individuals have benefitted from life coaching at multiple levels to achieve their life goals, overcome procrastination and improve their self-image and relationships. Empowering the individual to set goals and achieve them through an action plan is facilitated by life coaches. CoachNme also conducts workshops on Visioning, Goal Alignment, Team Building, Communication, Presentation, Motivation and Sales performance Effectiveness. CoachNme coaches approach is Solution Focussed combining Cognitive Behaviour Techniques to achieve superlative measurable outcomes. more info >>
Millennials make up an increasing percentage of the workforce, which translates to a bigger impact in the workplace. Even now, almost half of B2B decision makers are millennials, which poses a challenge for recruiters and managers who are not used to dealing with this new generation. Unlike baby boomers before them, millennials have a different idea of success: they value work-life balance over a higher salary, and they also tend to be more proactive when their efforts are recognized. These traits may seem trivial, but are vital for managers of tomorrow. For more ways on how to manage millennials in the workplace, check out this infographic by Guthrie-Jensen. more info >>
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