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Giving Feedback the right way is one of the most difficult things any new managers learns. It is often the stumbling point of many leaders. When you use the PACER method of giving feedback then you by pass all the stumbling blocks and you give the right feedback in the right way - a way that it can be heard. The elements of the PACER system of giving feedback have been honed and tested in the real world, not in a university laboratory. Real Leaders have learnt the hard way what works and what doesn`t. In we bring you the simplest and most straight forward method to give feedback to employees, in a way that they will hear and will then act on your feedback. more info >>
Executive Coaching is a leadership development method, which is being overlooked in the plethora of MBA Executive MBAs etc. which are now available. Indeed as organizations are downsizing and leaders are finding themselves out of work and with cash; they are drifting through these MBA programs as a stop gap in the belief they will exit as real leaders with real leadership skills. Where they miss the mark is that with Executive Coaching they are being coached in the real world - learning real leadership skills to address real leadership problems in their day to day working lives. Good Executive Coaching thus works in spite of the lack of leadership skills of the client. To fid out more about t how executive coaching works for you. more info >>
The Mentoring Leader
Aaron Drake has been developing his leadership skills in the trenches for the past 20 years. From business to faith based leadership, he has come to realize the importance of mentoring others as a part of successful leadership. Having spent a few years training young leaders in Europe, Aaron has come to learn that great leadership principles span all cultural lines. The goal of this site is improving leadership skills to expand influence needed to affect real change. Topics include, character,time management, communication, relationship building, leadership principles and styles. Becoming a great leader can lead to a successful life. Mentoring others will leave a legacy. more info >>
An open discussion about views from the book »Leadership by Virtue« about leadership, management, martial arts, West and East and business, organization, economy and life. It is an open place for a leadership growing up process presented through different views and thinking in ways that can add to the personal growth of a leader through Wing Chun Philosophy. It is aimed to those that are in the midst of a management or organizational crisis and need a beacon in those fluctuating times could. It will strengthen them, train and prepare for the “battles” or help to satisfactory avoid the latter and stay calm at the same time. It can serve well also to the people that already work in multicultural environment to better understand how others act and to bring leadership to fruition. The main intention is to show, that there are another ways of thinking based on the human behavior that surpasses the “cultural background noise” – the “noise” we hear throughout our life and which normally influences our values, ethics and morals, mentally and subconsciously. more info >>
More than ever before, successful career planning means riding the wave of change. Robert Safian coined the term Generation Flux in a February 2012 article in Fast Company magazine to describe those who relish riding the wave. It is important to note that the term is psychographic, not demographic: Generation Flux is not defined by age group but by their ability to adapt and remain flexible in the face of a tremendous onslaught of chaotic change. But change is stressful. This is true all the way down to the level of biology. If you give an organism a consistent environment, unchanging levels of temperature, moisture, nutrients, and threats, it will adjust itself to succeed in that environment. If the environment begins to change frequently or rapidly or both, the organism doesn’t know what to expect and goes into a state of high alert. Stress is the name we give to this high-alert state. In the short term, it keeps the organism alive, but in the long term, it’s a killer. No wonder many people view change and stress as the enemy. But as important as it is to escape or relieve stress, it’s important to remember that the stress reaction serves a vital purpose. You can’t survive in the long term if you die in the short term. The surest way to ensure extinction is to resist change and adaptation. The key to the success of Generation Flux is that they adapt to their ever-changing environment. They neither pretend that change isn’t happening nor allow the need for constant adaptation to overwhelm them. Generation Flux is agile and resilient, quick to pivot away from unsuccessful strategies and tough enough to handle setbacks. They are not afraid to fail, since failures are inevitable, and adaptation requires failure. They realize that career success will look different and will be won differently than in the past. - See more at: more info >>
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