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Humayun Trading Rice Supplier
Humayun Trading manufacturing, supplying, and exporting rice all over the world from Pakistan since 1980s, our customers benefit having us to meet their own requirements, we process and export all kind of rice such as basmati rice, super basmati rice, kainat rice, parboiled rice, long grain rice, parboiled long grain rice,1121 rice, sella rice and brown rice, silky rice, broken rice. Our mills and factories allow us to export and supply a huge amount of rice every week. We happy that we always make our customers happy. For the past thirty years, we satisfied our self by satisfying our customers and we are gladly say that we will stay supplying rice to our loyal customers and to new customers any quantity with any requirements desired. more info >>
We do provide branded Frosty Boy soft serve machine and a wide variety of ice cream blends and flavouring syrups. Our industry has been working since 1976 fulfilling customer satisfaction. Our Values are commitment, Excellence, Respect, Communication and The Virtue of Integrity. Let me guess, all you like about the soft serve is the flavours? Well, to say that this is false is like saying dinosaurs didn’t exist. Soft serves are delightful when the favourite flavour iss chosen. Strawberry, mint, chocolate, caramel and so on, the reason behind the likeliness is actually the colour. Yeah, it’s the colour you love and no the flavour as a whole. The better taste you consume is not because of the flavour but rather the blend used in making the product. The better the quality of the blend, better the soft serve made. more info >>
The wholesales company Elegpant spices, Merkouroglou is active in the field of herbs and spices trade since 1926. We provide every kind of herbs, especially greek herbs that are the most famous since ancient times for their healing properties, spices and many other ingredients that are needed for cooking, healing use and cosmetic use. Contact us or visit our site for more information and to be able to view most of our products. The company is active in Greece and provides all around the world herbs and spices in the best quality and best price! The website will provide all the necessary information for our products, inclyding the useful informations on our blog. Thank you. more info >>
Ronald Burgundy would have been proud of Jack Kyriazakos’ collection of suits during the year of 1975. The year he gave birth to his gourmet coffee bean manufacturing empire. Brazilian Canadian Coffee Co. is proudly based in Toronto but also serves the USA. Because of ease of access to your morning café noir, you may be unaware of the impact this beverage has had on religion, business, and history in general during it’s early days. This story begins in Harar, Ethiopia where the plant is thought to have been discovered. Then from the 1500’s to mid-1600’s, consumption of this beverage was exclusively a Muslim thing to do. Being primarily consumed during work on theological and scientific research. It took a while for the local European clergy to get over themselves and stop condeming this Islamic “bitter invention of Satan”. So, instead of wanting to start their day alert and energized, they prefered to hide their closet alcoholism with beer and wine as “part of this balanced breakfast”. Which is made all the more hilarious in light of the modern social stigma of daytime drinking. Or at least until Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett commented on the matter with a country twang in “It's Five O'Clock Somewhere”. Making drinking alcohol early in the day morally ambiguous. What is it with country music’s obsession with alcohol anyway? more info >>
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