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Online PHP Guide is one of the best online reference books, which is the fastest way to learn PHP online. It will teach you a combination of PHP and MySQL database using object-oriented programming. It contains simple, latest and clean tutorials on basic concepts like php heredoc, php file handling, and array splice php, strstr in php, etc. It helps for any type of problem. That means, you can find out the answer of all questions from basic level to higher level. Due to its usability, it is very popular ad helpful their user. Beginners can get deep knowledge with good explanation too. more info >>
An easy-to-use how-to book focused on proven solutions to the most common issues you encounter while using the WordPress open source content management system. Written by tech author Ric Shreves, the author of the WordPress Cookbook and a number of titles on open source tech, including multiple books on Joomla! and Drupal. The book is comprehensive in coverage of the WordPress 4.x releases. The book has more than 400 pages of text and over 200 screenshots. This is not a theory book but rather a practical reference book you can rely on when you need to get things done. The book is available from in Kindle format or from the official site in PDF and ePub format. more info >>
HowToucan is a how-to website with the mission statement to provide information as simply and concisely as possible. No fluff, and no popup ads invading our users’ visual space. While it’s true that the site is closer to infancy than some of the other, bigger how-to websites, that isn’t a bad thing- there are new guides being added every week, and in the meantime, we welcome suggestions for article ideas! As well as that, there’s the ability to be able to improve the structure of the site to something that’s better than even any of the competitor’s sites. I hope you all enjoy! more info >>
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