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Aruta  Publishers 3.5 book by Prof Salokhe released. He publishes paractical oriented, simple language programming books. Other books are C++, VB6,,, ORacle, Java, Advanced Java, Access. Prof Salokhe is B.Tech. from I.I.T. Delhi. All books are written by him. Most suitable for training providers. Purchased by many engineering colleges, polytechnics, bca and mca students. They adhere to unversity syllabus. Aruta publication was started to print his book on AutoCAD in 2001. Since then Prof Salokhe has written a total of 16 books. All the books are hot selling because of the simple language. Most suitable for Indian students. more info >>
This is promotional period that I would like to present you my site, good speed of typing and my will to work really hard job that I love. Professional touch type is something I am proud of and I would like to help people to do something that they don`t have time to do or it is problem for them. Just name of site answers almost everything. This is opportunity for everyone that wishes to put their books to electronic type and to keep their nerves and not to waste time they could use for something else. I will gladly help you. more info >>
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GEC provides ebook conversion services for converting PDF to Epub, Mobi as well as Nook so that the output can run on almost all trusted devices like Kindle, Nook, and other E-Readers. We not only convert but do provide formatting services for changing the formatting of different ebooks after their conversions. We provide publication consultancy service wherein the printed material of the authors, as well as publishers, are published online for better conversion and sale. Not only that, we have expertise in creating fixed and re-flowable content. Complex figures, equations, and diagrams are also easily convertible through our ebook conversion services which cannot be attained through the conversion tools. more info >>
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