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Speech Synthesis
iSpeech provides high quality text to speech and speech recognition solutions for a wide variety of uses. Users can transcribe text to audio on the website for free. In addition, developers have the ability to use iSpeech powered technology to add text to speech or speech recognition to their applications and software on many different platforms, including: Android, BlackBerry, and iOS. Web-implementations are also supported and integration is easy with the supplied SDKs and easy API access. Many of the services provided by iSpeech are free to use, and those that cost money, offer flexible pricing structures to suit your needs. more info >>
Speech coding is the application of data compression of digital audio signals containing speech. Speech coding uses either a waveform coding technique or speech-specific parameter estimation using signal processing techniques to model the speech signal, combined with generic data compression algorithms to represent the resulting modeled parameters as a compact bit-stream. Speech coding standards developed by ITU-T, 3GPP, 3GPP2, as well as certain open-source implementations are widely deployed in mobile telephony, Voice over IP, and other speech based consumer electronics devices. CouthIT offers the best-in-class optimized implementations of speech codecs on Texas Instruments digital signal processors and ARM processors. CouthIT’s speech codec implementations are being used in millions of units globally. more info >>
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