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Now Addictions can be extremely debilitating to your health and in sometimes even fatal. The interesting thing about addictions is the many ways one can become addicted. When it comes to addictions the first thing most people envision are illegal drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. Today however, people are addicted to things like food, sex, prescription medicine and even working out. As long as you have something in your life which you can’t control that adversely affects you on a day-to-day basis you can become an addict. This health problem has even spawned nationally televised shows about addiction like Intervention and Hoarders. Our society has made it easy to become an addict of so many things because there is so much accessible to us due to transportation, mobile phones, 24/7 stores and the Internet. We can basically get anything we want, whenever we want. In our health directory on addiction we will give you information on the many different types of addiction, how to know when you are an addict and how to find help to take back control of your life. Health and wellness experts from around the world will share resources that offer information and advice on every type of addiction. There is no need to live your life struggling with an addiction that could be prevented with the right information and resources. This directory will arm you with the ability to either help someone else break free from addiction or help yourself in new and effective ways.
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