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Since Accutane was first introduced to United States market in 1982, the controversy surrounding the drug`s serious and even life threatening side effects quickly became a topic of debate among consumer watchdog groups and medical professionals alike. Accutane was created to treat severe cases of acne in patients who had not had success with other less powerful medications. Accutane became known as the most effective medication for the treatment of severe acne, being used by millions of consumers worldwide. Although the effectiveness of the drug was undoubtedly appealing to patients suffering with sever acne, the negative side effects were extremely dangerous and potentially fatal. This led to a series of lawsuits against the drug manufacturer, which has steadily risen since the drug was first introduced. In 2009, the drug was removed from the United States market due to the severe side effects associated with Accutane. This website provides detailed information on the side effects of Accutane, and offers legal resources for people who have experienced negative side effects caused by the the use of Accutane. more info >>
Our company gives services to healthcare providers and physicians. Our work includes collections of accounts, benefit verification, revenue cycle management and utilization management. Doctors outsource their billing to us because we comply comply completely with ICD-10 and get returns back faster and higher payouts. We work with companies within the United States of America. The best part of our business is that we assist our clients with rapid electronics claims processing, continued follow up on all claims, custom weekly and monthly reports and monthly patient statements. Many companies that work with us ask us about our information on patient responsibilities, pre-certification, policy exclusions and payer payment estimates. It is important to do admission staff benefits training to help facilitate better admission choices. more info >>
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