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Options abound from yoga and step class to stair climbers and personal training. There are more ways now than ever for women to stay fit and healthy. There has even been an emergence of health clubs for women and magazines that are created for and cater to women and women only. It is tougher for normal women to look and feel healthy with the expectations they feel must be met due to movies, television and advertisements everywhere. An entire subculture of products to help women achieve a higher level of appearance and health continues to grow and gather steam. Do women need a mixture of field greens, chicken breasts, four trips to the gym weekly and a handful of vitamins to go with facial and skin rubs? How much is too much and when do you know to stop listening to 100 “so called” experts and instead focus on just a few? Our directory on women’s health offers up a platter of links and resources that produce real baseline knowledge of what is realistic when it comes to staying healthy. Instead of searching around the Internet for hours wondering which advice and recommendations to take you can visit our directory and have everything organized in a way that makes sense and is in no way overwhelming. Find out what you should eat and when, great recopies from reputable cooks and even insight into the pros and cons of popular exercise tactics like yoga and running on a treadmill.
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