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Home Brewing process
When you get into brewing you can actually find out how amazing it is, alot of people find it quite magical. The different beers you can make, the taste... mm... You can actually mix it with different juices and get a really great stuff. You can try everything when making your own beer. The brewing process is very easy, find out all about it on our website. You can buy some starting kits and ingrediants through our website. Everyone can make their own beer, just need to know how and actually why! cause only then you get the pleasure of making it and tasting it. more info >>
Coffee Brew Guides has all the information you need on brewing amazing coffee right at home with many guides (including videos), creative blog posts, and other opportunities. We love to host the occasional giveaway and connect users with special deals around the web, so subscribe to the newsletter and like us on Facebook for that news! Need some quick tips on how to improve your morning cup of joe? Or maybe you're beginning to stumble in the incredible world of specialty coffee. Either way, discover how amazing coffee can be with just a few small adjustments and check out Coffee Brew Guides! more info >>
Best Blender For Green Smoothies
A lot of health-conscious individuals are now in search of natural means to maintain good health. One way to do this is by making sure that one is always eating a healthy diet; and that means eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. Because of the high daily recommended amounts of these kinds of foods, however, it can be quite hard to accomplish said goal. That’s why searching for the best blender for green smoothies has become of utmost importance as it can help a lot in reaching for this goal. With the best smoothie maker in your kitchen, you can easily come up with healthy recipes for the whole family. more info >>
Gastronomista is a website dedicated to the culture of canapes and cocktails, from new and innovative spirits, designer barware, to cocktail recipes for the home bartender. Gastronomista features recipes for unique cocktails inspired by Modern Classics, Entertaining Tips, and tales from adventures around the world. We will help you pick boozy gifts for the most difficult of loved ones, find rare and beautiful bar tools, and inspire you to make your own libations at home. This is a place where you can find interviews of people in the cocktail industry, cocktail paintings, tips for farm fresh libations, and tips so you don’t get too tipsy. more info >>
Craft Beer Blog | Brewhaha
Brewhaha Blog is a blog about Toronto, and sometimes Ontario, craft beers. We rate and review beers, provide news, tips and hints about latest brews, rate and review restaurants and pubs, and even feature recipes on cooking or baking with beers! While our focus is beers, in general the blog is about having a great time with you and your friends, and responsibly enjoying one of word's favourite beverages. We feature mostly local, craft beers, as we believe in the philosophy of eating and drinking foods and drinks that originate from places that are near to the consumer of those drinks. more info >>
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