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Home is where the heart is, but the kitchen is where comfort comes from. Whether you’re cooking for friends or preparing a family favorite for the hundredth time, there’s something special about cooking. Although food is the basic staple that gives us the energy to go out and work, play and learn, it’s more than that, too. The tastes that we grow up with and the flavors that we savor become a part of our culture and in some cases, a part of our very being. And it’s because of this that we approach our Cooking subcategory of our Home directory with a certain amount of reverence and enthusiasm.
Nothing accompanies a momentous occasion or treasured routine quite like the perfect recipe. It doesn’t matter if it’s a once a year holiday food, like a Thanksgiving turkey or a Christmas ham, or an inviting homecooked meal after a hard day’s work. Recipes set the tone for our moods and our spirits. In the links in our Cooking section, you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to commemorate any event. From kitchen basics and quick recipes to information on culinary institutes where you can learn to be a top chef, it all begins here. You can find tips for tricky dishes, like soufflés and sauces, order exotic ingredients and bulk spices and learn the tenets, principles and guidelines of special diets for religious, health or ethical purposes—all from our Cooking directory. Click a link and begin exploring all the fine flavors that life has to offer.
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