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Kapa Oil refineries Limited is a leading cooking and personal care products company in Nairobi Kenya. We have a strong portfolio of cooking fats and baking powders. We also have a lot of healthy recipe resources for our readers and may others offers. We have been operation for many years and pride ourselves for the rich knowledge we have about health, based on our research and experience. Moreover, having operated in the food industry for a long time, we are in a better position to provide insightful information about healthy foods, recipes and other advice that's good for your health. more info >>
Knife Sharpener Guru
Knife Sharpener Guru is a portal for all knife enthusiasts that want to know exactly what it takes to keep their blades razor sharp. With a wide selection of knife sharpener reviews, from manual knife sharpeners to electric knife sharpeners, Knife Sharpener Guru is a thriving community of people sharing trick and tips about the art of sharpening. Whether you like the traditional knife sharpening process of using stones and steel, you prefer the modern versions of using electric knife sharpeners or you are a survival knife looking for the latest techniques to sharpen your blades in the wilderness, you are welcome to express your opinion and share your expertise in our community. more info >> is the ultimate source on anything related to knives and sharpeners. We're providing a lot of information about knives and sharpeners. Picking a Knife, whether it be a kitchen knife, survival or tactical knife ,or edc knife- wouldn’t be that easy when you have plenty of options, so is the case with the knife sharpeners. We’ve found out that there is a lack of crystal clear guide in the web. We decided to fill the gap and to help out our fellow readers in deciding the best knives and sharpeners for them. We’ve articles buying guides, knife and sharpener reviews , tips and tricks more info >>
Today’s home cooks have more resources available to them and commercials telling them what to buy. Many home cooks look at the television for guidance. The cooking networks have many celebrity chefs who push their own version of items. This site gives honest reviews of what one former chef thinks about the best of home kitchen items; such as cookbooks, knives, mixers, and more. These reviews are to help the everyday person wade through what they have heard and make an educated decision on what items might be the most valuable to them in their home kitchen. The information is useful to all levels of experience home cooks. more info >>
Induction cooking is a highly popular method of cooking Europe and is now becoming more prevalent in the United States. Unlike gas or electric which is based on heat transfer to the cooking utensil, induction technology is based on the use of electromagnetic rings. This method is highly efficient as only the part of the pan that is in contact with the ring will heat. This leads to less heat waste and cheaper bills. Induction cooking is also highly responsive to quick changes in heat.Its also piratically impossible to burn yourself on an induction cooktop in that it will cool down rapidly once the pan is removed from the stove. There is also no flame involved. Cooktops are used widely where safety is a primary concern. more info >>
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