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At we think a cutting board is a pretty basic thing. We don`t create basic, we create cutting boards for those looking for a change. We use only locally sourced, highly renewable bamboo. Created in our family run studio in Northern California you are sure to love our cutting boards. We cut, sand, and finish your board within 5 days and can even personalize it at no additional cost. Once we receive your order we get to work creating your unique, one of a kind gift that is sure to be a conversation party at any gathering. more info >>
Shami's Gourmet
Shami`s Gourmet is dedicated to helping you make your home made meals restaurant quality. We stock everything you`ll need for that purpose with the exception of standard perishables (meat, eggs, dairy, produce). We do carry a full line of caviar, including California White Sturgeon roe and Imperial Ossetra. Our specialty is truffles (not the chocolate kind) and truffle products. In addition to jarred and canned truffles, we also carry a variety of truffle oils, truffle salts, and our favorite, Truffle, Parmesan, and Black Garlic Seasoning. We also carry exotic, hard to find spices and dried mushrooms, as well as a variety of gourmet gifts and barware. Come see what we have in stock for your next dinner party. more info >>
A beautiful British made Sous Vide cooker from Burton Kitchenware, aiming to bring this professional method of cooking to home users. Sous vide cooking has been used by pro chefs for many years, and now it's available in your very own home kitchen. Check out our innovative and affordable Sous Vide machine available in a range of colours. As well as being colourful and stylish, it has an easy-to-use readible display, it's a really energy efficient sous vide using only 0.5p of electricity per hour, and it's accurate to 0.2°C - the most accurate domestic sous vide on the market! more info >>
Everybody who loves cooking also needs a good knife or a knife set. When it comes down to cooking different food, You also need a good knife, and every food type uses a different knife. For example, if cooking meat, you will probably use butchers knife, but if making sushi, you will use sushi knives. On this blog You will find every possible cooking knives that you will ever need, everything from butchers knife to sushi knives. You will find advice on how to properly use and store knives. Every knife will be explained in details, with pictures and much much more. So do not hesitate and go visit our blog today! more info >>
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