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The Coconut Pine - Perfecting the Small Parts
The following website details our newest invention, the Coconut Pine. It is a salt and pepper shaker that combines both spices into one container, but also controls flow rate and the humidity. The Pine is extremely easy to use, and really helps to simplify the overall design and efficiency of salt and pepper shakers. By developing the Pine, we hope to reignite innovation in the design industry, specifically concerning interior home design, and houseware. In short, here at Coconut, we are just beginning with the Coconut Pine. We hope to eventually entirely recreate and redefine the houseware and diningware ecosystem. more info >>
In recent times salt has become a negative word. People think of salt as something that is bad for their health when in fact salt is an essential element that all human beings need to survive. Looking back in history salt has been at the heart of our development. Salt was so valuable that it became the first commodity to be internationally traded. It was also a very early mode of currency. In Roman times soldiers were paid their wages in salt which is where the word ‘salary’ comes from. Before refrigeration was invented salt was commonly used as a way of preserving food. Even ancient mummies were persevered in salt! We commonly use phrases such as ‘salt of the earth’ and ‘not worth his salt’ without considering how these sayings came about. ‘Salt of the earth’ is used to describe someone who is held in high acclaim and ‘not worth his salt’ refers to a time when salt was used as the method of payment for slaves. Salt has played a major part in our history and will continue to influence our future. more info >>
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