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Easy Recipes | No Fuss Cooking
Here is a collection of quick easy recipes which can be prepared in 15 - 30 minutes. These easy recipes are written for the busy mom who`s run off her feet managing a full life with active kids. Our criteria for these meals is it must be healthy and nutritious, use no or little oil in cooking, must be quick to prepare and fit the bill of no fuss cooking. A number of the recipes are suitable for freezing, so you only have to cook once for a couple of meals. Try our really easy soup recipes - the delicious pumpkin soup, my super easy brownie recipe, easy ground beef recipes, easy appetizer recipes ideal for your an easy dinner party. Oh, and you must try the incredibly easy bread pudding recipe which you can be whipped up in 10 minutes. The recipes have been tried and tested in our family and only the most popular ones that have survived the rigorous test of my children`s taste buds, have made it to this site. more info >>
Kolay, pratik, lezzetli seçeneklerin bulundugu yemek tarifi sitesidir. Yaklasik üç yildir insanlara hizmet vermekte olan sitemizde insanlar kolayca yapabilecegi, fazla zaman harcamadan pratik leziz yemekler yapabilecegi tarifler bulunmakta. Sitemizdeki tariflerde kaliteli fotograflar kullanarak insanlarin sadece yemek degil göz zevkinie hitap ediyoruz. Sitemiz mobil, tablet vb. cihazlarida destekleyen, kolay rahat kullanisli, istediginiz aradiginiz tarifleri kolayca bulabileceginiz bir tasarima sahiptir. Sitemizde kek, pasta, börek, diyet yemekler gibi birden çok kategori bulunmakta. Tariflerimiz tadip, deneyen insanlarin yorumlari ile kendimizi gelistiriyor ve tarifler hakkinda daha çok bilgi edinmis oluyoruz. Yemekleri bizzat kendimiz deneyip, ziyaretçilerimiz için uygunlugu ve tat konusundaki durumu hakkinda dogru karari alip, ziyaretçilere paylasiyoruz. Ücretsiz olarak verdigimiz bu hizmetten birçok ziyaretçinin memnuniyetini kazanmis durumdayiz. Simdiden ziyaretçilerimize tessekkürlerimizi sunuyoruz. more info >>
Simple Recipes Book is a great website for the novice foodie. They post “food words of the day” photos to their Twitter followers, and “Saturday grocery shopping tips” that aim to make the task of shopping more effective to their Facebook fans! The site also posts original kitchen tips that make the process of cooking at home simpler, and ingredient tips that help the home cook to better understand what they’re working with. The recipes they post range from elegant to country to thrifty to complex! All of the recipes are foodie friendly, fresh, simple to create, and easy on the pocket! more info >>
If your only experience of Halogen Ovens is the old JML model on the TV Shopping Channel then take another look at this maturing technology. Digital controls have replaced the old dials, convenient and safe hinged lid models are available, there are even some with a built in rotisserie. The Halogen oven is very reasonably priced running costs are a fraction of conventional cookers and cleaning is so easy. It provides easy, very cheap baking, roasting, broiling and frying at high speed and with tasty results second to none. Full reviews of many current models, recipes and tips from our many blog readers more info >>
The Börner mandoline is the best mandoline in the world. Brought by Geert Soenens from Belgium, this site shows you how to slice and cut vegetables and fruits.The mandolin consists of a blade in a V-shape, an insert without blades for slices (4 positions), an insert with blades of 7 mm thickness and an insert with blades of 3.5 mm thickness (Strips or dices). The safety holder is included.A brilliant grater for all firm fruits and vegetables such as carrots, celery, cucumber, beetroot, kohlrabi, radishes, potatoes, apples, pears, in short, all solid and hard fruits. Particularly suitable for grating vegetables lengthwise, zucchini especially so you obtain a spaghetti-like shape for baking, frying or stir-frying. This grater is also highly suitable for all kinds of hard cheeses. more info >>
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