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Herbs and Spices
The Garlic Shaker(R) is the fastest way to peel garlic cloves available today. It has been rigorously tested for years. It uses very simple physics to shear the skin right off of the garlic cloves. Its ergonomic design ensures that the users of the garlic shaker are able to exert the maximum amount of force upon the vegetable in order to increases its productivity. Hand peeling garlic is a slow and tedious process that reduces the joy of cooking to a slow crawl. By using a Garlic Shaker the kitchen can become a faster, more efficient, and pleasurable place to spend your time. more info >>
Our site helps you find the best grinders for spices on the market. There are many different grinders including wood, acrylic, metal, hand crank, and electric grinders. We give meaningful reviews on what we think are the best grinders that you can buy today. We also give you a background on how to use a grinder and provide useful tips in maintaining and cleaning your grinder. The grinders that we recommend are all professional grade and give a nice clean uniform grind. We don't review lower end products that you can find in a retail store because we think that you should only be using top quality grinders.So please visit our site for more information. more info >>
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