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Auto Repair
Quality air tools and air tool accessories!
Shop Air Tools is a leading provider of quality air tools and air compressor accessories in the online market, our website that features products for Do it Yourself, Automotive or anyone that uses tools. The site is designed to cater the needs of anyone who uses tools with comprehensive information on the best air tools as well as air compressors and accessories existing in the market to date. Shop Air Tools offers our clients the best air tools and air accessories at remarkable rates. What makes us different from other air tools and air compressors accessories providers in the market is that we carefully look upon the needs of our customers. ShopAirTools has been servicing clients since 2013 and our customer service professionals have been servicing customers in other industries for over 18 years. more info >>
We at Sliding Under have a unique interest: car creepers. It is one of those tools that nearly all home garages and professional garages have yet we never think about it. Having the right tool for the right job makes all the difference and the creeper is no different. Get the right creeper for your shop! We break every creeper down based on Best Bang For Buck, Rough Surface Use, and overall Style. We review standard car creepers as well as Seat Creepers and even Topside Creepers. Not sure what the difference is? Come on over to and we`ll tell you all about them. more info >>
Choosing a wrong wrench can damage the bolt of bike/car which could be dangerous if the bolt is over or under tight.For tightening or loosening a bolt we need a specific wrench, which is a torque wrench. A small torque wrench helps the users to get proper tightening of any fastener.It uses a special mechanism which indicate a click sound or buzz when it reaches to specific torque amount set by user.It is very necessary tool for car tool box because it is used to tight the lug nut of a car. For choosing a appropriate torque wrench for your work, you have to know about the bolt size of your vehicle. Most famous brands of torque wrenches are Tekton, Snap-on, Craftsman and CDI. more info >>
A Perfect Shade has been tinting windows since 1995. From window tint and removal, windshield repair, and vehicle security installation, they've got you covered. Family owned and operated, A Perfect Shade specializes in the custom fit and installation of vehicle window tint. The company prides themselves on providing honest, quick, and efficient work. They may specialize in window tinting, but their specialty is customer satisfaction. With honest quotes and reasonable pricing, they guarantee that each customer remains happy within their care. Having over twenty years of experience in the industry, they understand what their customers are looking for. With affordable car upgrades and maintenance, A Perfect Shade gives unsurpassed, high quality service. more info >>
St Louis Mobile Dent repair is a professional paintless dent repair company which services all of the greater St Louis, Missouri area by performing all dent repair services onsite at customer’s homes or commercial locations. Our technicians have their own trucks with the proper tools in them to be able to drive over to where a customer is located and assess the damage to the vehicle and then repair it. Depending on how much damage there is, we will either fix it or recommend that you take the car to a body shop. We also have a few body shops that we network with so we can recommend the best body shops to go to as well. more info >>
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