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On a tight budget? Or are you just of the attitude that if you want something done right, you should do it yourself? Whatever your motivations, the fact that you’re here in the Do-It-Yourself directory of our Home category means that you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a pro amateur, a natural handyman or born with a green thumb, you’ve come to understand the frustration and gratification of doing things yourself. DIY projects range in difficulty across all fields. DIY auto repairs can be as simple as changing the oil or as complex as rebuilding a transmission. DIY home repairs can be a quick fix, like recaulking a bath tub, or a weekend long project, such as laying carpet or hanging dry wall. But no matter what task lies before you—whether it’s soap making or welding and soldering—it pays to read the instructions first.
Unfortunately, completing DIY projects in your home, garage or garden isn’t quite as straightforward as following along with the instruction booklet that accompanies a piece of IKEA furniture. In fact, many times, the only instructions you have to work from are cautionary tales from those brave pioneering souls who tried and failed before you. But we know that won’t scare you away. That’s why we’ve provided as many resources, tips, articles, tutorials, How-to’s and DIY guides as we can for you right here in our Do-It-Yourself directory. We know that you’re unlikely to take the easy way out (otherwise, you would’ve called a contractor or professional), but we hope you’ll take time to peruse the websites, companies and links we’ve compiled for your convenience. Who knows—you may just save yourself from a disaster.
Good luck!
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