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Young Mums Chat
Young Mums Chat is a forum dedicated for teenage and young parents to gain support, information and friendship with other young mums in situations alike. Becoming a parent is a life changing event in anyones life, more so for teenage and young parents. Young Mums Chat (YMC) aims to provide support, friendship, information and resources for young parents to help them with this stage of their life in a positive and supportive setting. We urge people of all ages to join, but please be mindful of the fact that this website is here to support young parents, so it is expected that you are respectful of young parents. more info >>
Miss Leisure aims to bring alsorts of gossip and fun. We target ladies of leisure and like to post about many fun topics for women, including fashion, food, kids, travel, money and general chit chat. Miss Leisure has an incredibly active social media presents and following as well as generating impressive visitor quantities from the major search engines. My latest articles include Shark Week and MTVHottest, which is a voting system on twitter where you have to cast your votes via a tweet and then the percentage of the votes adds up totalling the winner of this years summer superstar and artist. more info >>
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