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Owning a pet can be an expensive and yet rewarding experience. The Animal Zone offers a free service which allows users to compare the price of any supplies or other accessories they need for their pet in seconds. With a product index including tens of thousands of products from the UK's leading pet retailers saving money and finding the lowest price couldn't be easier. As well as offering users a way to find the cheapest pet supplies in the UK The Animal Zone provides free pet care sheets, fact sheets and other pet information. These articles are available on the site or can be downloaded in PDF format absolutely free. Savings on pet supplies and free advice on care and husbandry from The Animal Zone – The UK Pet Price Comparison Site. more info >>
A free animal communication practice site for anyone learning to communicate with animals. Telepathic or intuitive communication with dogs, cats, horses, birds, turtles, and any other species is possible for anyone and this site makes it easy to practice those skills and get immediate feedback about your accuracy. Even if you’re not a learning communicator, you can add your animals to the teaching panel and get great conversations back from communicators who have spoken with your animals. People are reporting that the animals who are participating are feeling happier, more confident, and more energetic because of these conversations and their self-esteem is soaring because they finally have a voice and people who are interested in listening. For learning communicators, the site also features a blog with some of the best ways to build your skills and confidence as an animal communicator. The site is free, requires no registration, and is open to anyone. more info >>
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