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Chances are you have a pet in your home you keep as a companion or for the enjoyment of your children. More than 63% of Americans have a household pet and that number stays right around 50% throughout the majority of the globe. The most common household pets are domesticated animals and more specifically, dogs and cats. These types of pets have been medically proven to help relieve stress and offer owners a new outlet for exercise and social interaction. Pets have become such a big part of families that it is no longer considered rude or out of character to take a pet out to some shopping stores, parks and beaches. There has even been a strong push over the last 10 years in owning wild pets and keeping them in the home. Monkeys, spiders, fish, snakes and lizards have become just as important in some homes as dogs and cats in others. Advancements in cages and other items to control and harness these wild animals in a way to make them pets is something that continues to go on today. Here in our Pets directory you will find links, resources and extensive information you can apply to everyday life with your household pet. Within our pages you will learn tips on day-to-day care of your pet, pet exercise and even how to tell apart various species of household pets. If you need to know about pets – we’ve got you covered. Go ahead and get started so you can guarantee your home has happy pets and owners.
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