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A new and friendly forum for owners of all types of parrots to chat and exchange tips, everyone welcome whether you own a budgie or a macaw. Parrots, also known as psittacines make up to about 372 species ,they are found in most tropical and subtropical regions. Parrots come in many sizes and variety`s, from the the widely known budgerigar to the majestic macaws, they have been kept as pets for hundreds if not thousands of years because of their intelligent and sometimes affectionate personalities. Of course their ability to mimic is second to none, this varies amongst species and individuals. more info >>
Do it yourself comes are perpetually exciting as if you're embarking upon a replacement journey. It doesn't matter what the project is it's your own. this can be even true if you would like a chicken coop. whether or not you have already got one and wish a replacement one otherwise you are trying to own your terribly 1st coop, it are often rather dear to buy one.If you're thinking that you simply may solely build alittle coop with this data than you're wrong. This manual goes to provide you express directions on building a coop that's tiny, medium, giant and even transportable coops. The directions are aiming to take you by the hand and guide you each step of the thanks to building your terribly own. more info >>
Chicken Watering and Feeding supplies for backyard chickens. We help make owning chickens easy and effortless with products that reduce the time to maintain the feed and water of your chickens. We offer parts for DIY or full ready to go systems that require no work. We also have information on raising chickens and building systems as well as legal information for getting chickens in your city. Poultry and eggs can be done by almost anyone and now it does not have to make you a farmer. Get fresh eggs every day but only worry about feeding and watering your chickens twice per month. more info >>
Feeding backyard birds is becoming more popular in rural as well as urban areas. Many people install a bird feeder around their homes to provide extra nutritional value to wild birds. The natural resources become scarce in winter and birds will come happily to bird feeders to supplement their diet. In spring and early summer is one more time when birds will benefit from extra food. This is because it’s the nesting season and parents are feeding young birds. Installing the bird feeder is a nice way to give back to nature and enjoy some bird watching. Read about some of the best bird feeder reviews on our pages. more info >>
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