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Dwarf Hamster Centre
Have you ever thought about buyting a dwarf hamster? This site is your guide through choosing which hamster species is best for your family; what to look for in hamster cages, hamster wheels, hamster balls, and hamster toys. The site give ideas for hamster names, has some great hamster photos and some hamster videos. Articles on the site advise you what to do if your hamster contracts "wet tail." and more. Matthew A. Boreau, long time dwarf hamster expert, answers your common questions, such as "What do hamsters eat? How long do hamsters live?" and "What is a black bear hamster?" ...and more. more info >>
Welcome to our website all about dwarf hamsters! We have plenty of informative articles and links to other helpful sites in order to help you provide for, and care for your pet. In addition to this, you will find plenty of cute photos, great videos and lots of great advice. We include information about all species of Dwarf Hamster, including Roborovski, Russian Campbells and Winter White hamsters as well as stuff about the Syrian and Chinese hamsters. For example did you know that if you offer your hamster toilet paper pieces their natural instincts kick in and they go crazy making nests. more info >>
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